All of our products are manufactured by the world’s leading silicon manufacturers SVM has been successfully supplying wafers to companies worldwide for 23 years Multimillion dollar silicon wafer inventory Same Day Shipments Distributing Silicon Since 1990 SVM is a one stop shop for wafer processing, from thermal oxide to lithography Knowledgeable and attentive sales staff
Silicon Wafers

Silicon Wafers

SVM sells high grade, factory sealed silicon wafers which are available from our stock in every diameter and grade, with an emphasis on 100mm, 200mm and 300mm Prime and Test device quality wafers.

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SVM provides Ingot, Semiconductor and Solar Grade Virgin Polysilicon, Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline cells, Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline wafers, Tops and Tails, Pot Scrap, and more.

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wafer services

Wafer Services

SVM specializes in offering cutting-edge solutions in a wide variety of industry standard, complex and unique wafer processing solutions for semiconductor, MEMS, and other applications.

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What Our Clients Say

“Their professional approach from first contact, throughout their in-house, front-end procedures, has been well constructed to ensure the customer gets the service they have ordered and nothing less.”


L.B. | Newport, UK

“Always a good and pleasant experience with SVM.”


X.L. | Lacy, Washington

“They have consistently maintained competitive pricing and delivery for a high quality product.”


J.D. | Scotts Valley, California

“We would recommend SVM to any company seeking a quality supplier, who consistently strives to meet customer request.”


H.S. | Itzehoe, Germany

“SVM’s reliable and consistent on-time deliveries, and even deliveries at short notices have tremendously increased the productivity and smoothness of our operations.”


F.C. | Taipei, Taiwan

“Outstanding service includes excellent communications, rapid deliveries, cheerful responds to emergency requests, and innovative suggestions for solutions to our needs.”


B.A. | Monroeville, Pennsylvania

“Our relationship with SVM has always been rewarding. Delivery time has never been an issue, and they constantly look for ways to save us money.”


L.G. | Adrian, Michigan

“Overall, SVM has met and exceeded our expectations as a supplier. We would recommend SVM to any company seeking a high quality supplier, who consistently strives to meet customer request in this volatile market.”


J.F. | Newport, UK

“Working in such a rapid changing environment, on so many different levels, it is nice to know that we will have reliable service from an excellent company.”


S.B. | Edmonton , Canada .

“No wonder SVM is praised as one of the best companies in USA because of best service in addition to the best products it provides.”


T.Y. | Richmond, California

More Reasons to Work With Us

  • SVM is the largest distributor of silicon in the world.
  • SVM sells all products at or below market price.
  • SVM has 99%+ on-time delivery record.
  • SVM never charges a premium for anything.
  • We speak English, Cantonese, French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog, Taiwanese and Vietnamese.

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SVM provides a wide variety of wafer patterning solutions catered to the semiconductor and MEMS industries.

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