SVM now carries 450mm wafers. Please see below a SEMI standard specification.

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450mm +/-0.10mm
Diameter 450mm +/-0.10mm
Material Silicon
Growth Method Cz
Type/Dopant P/Boron
Orientation <100>
Notch SEMI Standard
Notch Depth 1.00+0.25-0.00mm
Notch Angle 90°+5°-1°
Notch Orientation ±1°
Oxygen Concentration 16.416 – 18.137 ppma
Lasermark Backside SEMI Standard T7/M12
Thickness 900 – 950 um
Resistivity 0.005 – 100 ohm-cm
Bow <=10 um
Warp <=30um
GBIR <=3 um
SFQR <=0.042um
Site Size 26x8mm
Particles <=250@>=0.045 um
Surface Metals <1.0 E10/cm2
Applicable Metals Al, Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Na, Ni, Zn
Edges Polished
Surface Double Side Polished
Packaging Single Wafer carrier
Silicon Wafers Non-Silicon Wafers
Wafer Services Lithography and Custom Films