SVM supplies a wide variety of high quality lithography grade Silicon Wafers to meet your exact controlled flatness requirements.

Wafer diameters available: 50mm to 300mm
Flatness measurement available: SFPD, SFQR, STIR, TTV, TIR, GTIR etc.

Examples of SVM Ultra Flat Silicon Wafer specifications:

  • Diameter: 300mm
  • Site Flatness: SFQR
  • Site Flatness Specification: <=0.05um, <=0.11um, <=0.13um or <=0.25um
  • Percent Useable Area (PUA): 100% of sites
  • Site Size: 26 x 8 mm

SVM carries stock of Ultra Flat Silicon Wafers.

Please CONTACT SVM for further information on Ultra Flat Silicon Wafers or to discuss your current requirements.

Ultra Flat Wafers

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