SVM supplies custom epitaxial layers on silicon wafers for research and development or large scale production.  We process single crystalline epi layers on wafer diameters from 100mm to 200mm. Epitaxy is offered on bare wafers or those with buried layers, patterns or advanced device structures. All wafer substrates supplied by SVM for epitaxial processing are high quality, major manufactured factory sealed products. SVM carries a large inventory of silicon wafers and offers long term consistent epi wafer supply line solutions.

Process Capabilities

  • Diameters: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm
  • Wafer Orientation: <100>, <111>, <110>
  • Epi thickness: 4um to 150um
  • Dopants: Arsenic, Phosphorus, Boron
  • Typical Resistivity Ranges

–   0.05-1200 ohm-cm
–   3000 -5,000 ohm-cm (Intrinsic Layers)

Specialty Products

–   Single, Dual, and Triple Layer epitaxial solutions available
–   Engineering solutions up for custom projects
–   Epitaxial solutions for SOI wafers
–   Silicon on Sapphire (SOS)

Please CONTACT SVM for further information on Epitaxial Services or to discuss your current requirements.

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