From Semiconductor Today:

At the SEMICON West 2018 tradeshow and conference in San Francisco (10-12 July), wafering technology firm SILTECTRA GmbH of Dresden, Germany has revealed new enabling and cost-of-ownership (CoO) advantages for its COLD SPLIT laser-based wafer thinning technology. Collectively, the benefits aim to further enable manufacturers of power semiconductors.

Enabling wafering solution for diverse materials

In the latest demonstration of COLD SPLIT’s capabilities, SILTECTRA says that, when applied to gallium arsenide (GaAs), COLD SPLIT achieved the same thinness and near-zero material loss as previously shown for silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), sapphire and silicon.

The data comes from a recent study (funded by the State Government of Saxony) to establish if COLD SPLIT could achieve full crack propagation across the laser plane when applied to GaAs. Participants included a leading materials supplier and a renowned laser institute, as well as SILTECTRA. The results validated COLD SPLIT as a high-performance thinning solution for GaAs and demonstrated that the technique can thin a range of diverse materials with complex properties.

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