Silicon Valley Microelectronics carries a full line of 100mm silicon wafer. Please see below a SEMI standard specification for test grade wafers. Every customer’s specification is unique and SVM can supply wafers that meet your exact specifications.

100mm Silicon Wafer Specifications:

Diameter 100 +/- 0.5 mm
Type / Dopant P/Boron
Orientation <100>+/- 1º
Resistivity 1 – 100 Ω-cm
Radial Resisivity Gradient
Metals < 5 x E10 atoms/cm2
Thickness 381 +/- 50 μm
TTV <= 10 μm
Bow / Warp <= 50 μm
Site Flatness (STIR)
Flats 2 SEMI Standard
Particle Count <= 50 @ >= 0.2 μm
Polished Single Side Polished or Double Side Polished
Etched Single Side Polished or Double Side Polished
*N type wafers available


If you do not see the specification you require or would like to place an order, please CONTACT SVM to speak with a member of our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff.


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