18″ Silicon Wafers

Silicon Valley Microelectronics does not carry stock of 450mm wafers. 450mm silicon wafers are the newest and largest size wafers available on the market, capable of making 5 times more chips than the more standard 200mm wafers. If you require these wafers, SVM can custom manufacture them to your specifications, or use one of our manufacturing partners to procure smaller quantities. Please contact an SVM sales representative for more information on these wafers.

450mm SEMI Standard Silicon Wafer Specifications:

450mm +/- 0.10mm
Diameter 450mm +/-0.10mm
Material Silicon
Growth Method Cz
Type/Dopant P/Boron
Orientation <100>
Notch SEMI Standard
Notch Depth 1.00 + 0.25 – 0.00mm
Notch Angle 90°+5°-1°
Notch Orientation ±1°
Oxygen Concentration 16.416 – 18.137 ppma
Lasermark Backside SEMI Standard T7/M12
Thickness 900 – 950μm
Resistivity 0.005 – 100 Ω-cm
Bow 10μm
Warp ≤ 30μm
GBIR ≤ 3μm
SFQR ≤ 0.042μm
Site Size 26x8mm
Particles ≤ 250 @ ≥ 0.045μm
Surface Metals < 1.0xE10/cm2
Applicable Metals Al, Ca, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, Na, Ni, Zn
Edges Polished
Surface Double side polished
Packaging Single wafer carrier

If you do not see the specification you require or would like to request a quote, please CONTACT SVM to speak with a member of our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff or visit our ONLINE INVENTORY.

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