3″ Silicon Wafers

SVM carries a full line of 76mm wafers. We are a silicon wafer supplier with customers globally and 28 years of experience selling small diameter wafers. Please see below our SEMI standard specifications available for test grade wafers. Every customer’s specification is unique and SVM can supply wafers that meet your exact specifications.

If your project’s requirements do not fall within the specifications below, please contact SVM and we will gladly check our multi-million dollar inventory or custom manufacture wafers to fit your exact specifications. Manufacturing wafers may require a minimum order quantity greater than our standard 25 wafers (1 cassette).

SVM 76mm Silicon Wafer Specifications:

Diameter76.2 +/- 0.63mm
Type/dopantP/B, N/Ph, N/As, N/Sb, Intrinsic
Orientation*<100> +/- 1º
Resistivity<1 to >1,000 Ω-cm
Radial resistivity gradient
Metals< 5 x E10 atoms/cm2
Thickness381 +/- 50 μm
TTV≤ 10μm
Bow/warp≤ 50μm
Flats1 or 2 SEMI Standard
Particle count≤ 50 @ ≥ 0.3μm
PolishedSingle side or double side polished
EtchedSingle side or double side polished

*<111> and <110> orientations available upon request. If your project requires these we will gladly check our stock or custom manufacture these wafers to fit your requirements.

If you do not see the specification you require or would like to request a quote, please CONTACT SVM today to speak with a member of our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff. Or visit our ONLINE INVENTORY to view a portion of our multi-million dollar inventory.


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