wafers_tray21Silicon Valley Microelectronics’ product line includes both single side polished (SSP) and double side polished (DSP) wafer substrates. Double side polished wafers are typically required in semiconductor, MEMS, and other applications where wafers with tightly controlled flatness characteristics are required. They are also needed for double side patterning and device manufacturing projects.

SVM carries a large inventory of double side polished wafers in all wafer diameters ranging from 50mm to 300mm. If your specification is not available in inventory, SVM can custom manufacture wafers to your unique specifications. Double Side polished wafers are available in silicon, glass and other materials commonly used in the semiconductor industry.


SVM Sample Double Side Polished Wafer Specifications:

Silicon Wafer Silicon Wafer
Diameter: 100mm Diameter: 200mm
Type/dopant: N or P Type/dopant: N or P
Orientation: <100> Orientation: <100>
Resistivity: 0-100 ohm-cm Resistivity: 0-100 ohm-cm
Thickness: 525 +/-20um Thickness: 725 +/-20um
TTV: <8um TTV: <5um
STIR: available upon request STIR: <2um
Flats: 1 or 2/ SEMI standard Notch: SEMI standard
Double Side Polished Double Side Polished


All 300mm silicon wafers are double side polished. SVM offers site flatness measurements down to <0.05um or greater, site size 26mmx 8mm, 100% PUA.

Please CONTACT SVM for further information on double side polished wafers, to discuss your current requirements or to place an order.

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