Silicon Valley Microelectronics supplies thin silicon wafers in wafer diameters ranging from 50mm to 300mm. For high volume requests, SVM will manufacture wafers to fit each customer’s individual specifications. For smaller volume projects, precision back grinding, lapping and polishing processes are applied to SVM stock wafers, which have been manufactured to SEMI standard thickness. SVM provides thin wafers starting from a final wafer thickness of ≥50μm and puts all materials through a de-stressing process to help control the possibility of breakage.

To de-stress the wafers that are custom thinned, a plasma downstream etch is used after a bulk thinning method (grinding, lapping, etc.). While back grinding or lapping removes the bulk of the substrate, a plasma etching removes a very small and controlled amount of material from the target substrate. This improves smoothness, flatness, and flexibility of the target wafer. The etching plasma used to de-stress the wafer is cold, dry and isotropic to minimize damage to the wafer. This means thinning and de-stressing is possible on all substrates, regardless of material or surface films.

Thin wafers allow for better heat dissipation and increased power. They are most common in low profile chips, RFIDs, 3D packaging, LEDs, among many other applications. As technology improves, our thin wafers are able to keep up with the shrinking size of chips without sacrificing efficiency or space.

SVM has long term experience successfully supplying high quality thin wafers to the semiconductor, MEMS, RFID and other industries.

Sample Thin Wafer Specifications:

  • Diameter: 50mm – 300mm
  • Type:  P or N Orientation: <100> or <111>
  • Resistivity: As specified
  • TTV:  As specified
  • Site flatness:  As specified
  • Final thickness:  ≥ 50μm (varies based on wafer diameter)
  • Surface finishes:  lapped, ground, etched, polished


Please CONTACT SVM today for more information on thin wafers, to request a quote or to discuss your current requirements. Visit our ONLINE INVENTORY for further information to view a portion of our multi-million dollar inventory.

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