Silicon Valley Microelectronics supplies a wide variety of high quality ultra flat wafers to meet the exact controlled flatness requirements of each customer.

Wafer diameters available: 50mm to 300mm
Flatness measurement available: SFPD, SFQR, STIR, TTV, TIR, GTIR etc.

SVM Sample Ultra Flat Wafer Specifications:

  • Diameter: 300mm
  • Site flatness: SFQR
  • Site flatness specification: ≤ 0.05μm, ≤ 0.11μm, ≤ 0.13μm or ≤ 0.25μm
  • Percent usable area (PUA): 100% of sites
  • Site size: 26 x 8 mm

SVM carries stock of ultra flat silicon wafers.

Ultra Flat Wafers

Please CONTACT SVM for further information on ultra flat silicon wafers, to discuss your current requirements or to request a quote. For more information on other wafers SVM has in stock, please visit our ONLINE INVENTORY.

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