Wafer Annealing is a high-temperature furnace operation that relieves stress in silicon, activates ion-implanted dopants, reduces structural defects and stress, and reduces interface charge at the silicon-silicon dioxide interface.

Silicon Valley Microelectronics offers annealing solutions for wafers ranging in diameter from 25mm to 300mm. We provide many standard anneal recipes or can provide custom annealing to your specific requirements.

SVM Wafer Annealing capabilities:

  • Nitrogen Annealing: Pure Nitrogen gas flows through the chamber with the wafers. The chamber is then heated to a specific temperature for a specific amount of time.
  • Forming Gas Annealing: This process is the same as the Nitrogen Anneal, however the forming gas anneal uses a mixed gas of 96% Nitrogen and 4% Hydrogen.

Please CONTACT SVM for further information on wafer annealing or to discuss your current requirements, or visit our ONLINE INVENTORY.

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