Silicon Valley Microelectronics provides SEMI standard and custom wafer laser marking services. SEMI standard markings include, but are not limited to, M12, M13 and T7 marks commonly found on all silicon wafer substrates. Quality is comparable to major silicon wafer foundry marks.

SVM Wafer Laser Marking Capabilities:

  • Wafer Diameters: 50mm to 300mm
  • Character height and width: upon request
  • Font: 0.010” to 12”
  • Depth: Soft and hard laser marks available.

– Soft Mark: 1-5um in depth
– Hard Mark: 5um to 100um in depth

  • Mark Location: Front or backside of wafer
  • Format: Alphanumeric and barcode
  • Specialty Marks: Company Logo etc.

Sacrificial protective layers such as oxide, nitride, or photoresist are available to protect the wafer surface from debris generated during the laser marking process. SVM offers wafer cleaning options post marking.

Please CONTACT SVM to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team for further information on wafer laser marking, to place an order or to discuss your current requirements.

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