Silicon Valley Microelectronics has strategic partnerships with the world’s largest silicon wafer manufacturing companies. Although most wafer materials shipped are major manufacturer factory sealed, SVM does offer wafer polishing solutions.

Wafer polishing is available on virgin or reclaim silicon wafer substrates. Virgin wafers under 300mm ship with a single side polish (SSP) on the front side, and an etched backside. If the wafer is still factory sealed, a backside polish may be necessary for some applications. For wafer reclaim, polishing may remove any imperfections still on the wafer surface from the reclaim process. Please reference wafer reclaim for more information on SVM’s wafer reclaim service solutions.

SVM Wafer Polishing Services available:

  • Wafer diameters: 25mm (1 inch) – 300mm (12 inch)
  • Single side polishing (SSP)
  • Double side polishing (DSP) through simultaneous or “flip” polishing techniques.
  • Backside polishing.
  • Kiss polishing – Light polish which will remove minor surface scratches or defects. Wafers are in contact with a polishing wheel for just a few seconds to remove light surface damage.
  • Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) — This process flattens wafers and removes irregular topography on the surface. CMP uses a small particle abrasive in a chemical slurry and a polishing pad to thin substrates. This process provides more planarization than mechanical grinding, although it tends to be less clean. Chemical mechanical planarization takes place in three steps:
    1. Mount the wafers to a backside film, like a wax mount. This holds them in place and prevents any damage due to the wafer moving as the polishing pad spins.
    2. Apply a chemical slurry from above and distribute it evenly with a polishing pad.
    3. Spin the polishing pad for about 60-90 seconds for each polish, depending on final thickness specifications.
      • The thinning rate of CMP is slower than mechanical grinding, removing only a few microns per second. This results in near perfect flatness and a very controlled total thickness variance (TTV).
  • Typical Yield: ≥95%

Please CONTACT SVM for further information on polishing, to discuss your current requirements or to request a quote.

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